Goodbye 2006 and hello to 2007!

December 30, 2006 by Barnabas

Dear everyone – Hope you all are well…

For the first time in our tiny history, we have spent a whole year only on recording. Despite of a few sentimental jam sessions and late night pling plong, we haven’t played a single concert at all in 2006. It’s been a great pleasure and also a need for us, to collect all our focus and energy on these specific studio projects and make sure the result would/will come out just the way we want it to be. So far and by the end of this now old year, we are all quite satisfied with the results.

In the beginning of 2006 we finished recordings for The One- Sided LP that just has been released on the lovely Burnt Toast Vinyl label. Later in 2006 we finished recordings of 5 new songs for our new mini album “Under Giant Trees” which will be released around March on The Leaf Label in a very beautiful and limited packaging. The whole year we have also worked intensively on our new full-length album and it is shaping up nicely though a little slower than expected due to the intractable genies of perfection and studio tantrums…

We expect to be able to release the album sometime in the last half of 2007. This is also when we will appear as a live band again! After all this time behind walls and computer screens, we really cant wait to play live again. So hopefully when the recordings are all done, 2007 will bring us to a lot of old and new places in the company of sweet people. It’s been such a long long time…

Besides all these Efterklang recordings in 2006 Mads and Casper produced and participated on other projects and they also did their first film score for the danish animation movie Princess which should be out now in different parts of the world. Just a few weeks ago Mads and Casper got nominated for best film score of 2006 in Denmark by the Danish Film Academy!

Rasmus has been keeping himself busy with our Rumraket label and this years fantastic releases by Grizzly Bear (“Horn of Plenty” 2xCd in the UK), Cacoy (“Human is Music” CD & digital in Europe) and recently Kama Aina (“Club Kama Aina” CD and digital in Europe). On top of that Rumraket hosted a fund-raising for Erik Levander and his damaged hard drive – 1100.. was collected but unfortunately the drive could not be saved – read more here. We still hope to be able to release Erik Levander´s second album in 2007. In the fall of 2006 Rumraket signed the Swedish twin duo Taxi Taxi! who will release an EP in the spring.

In January 2007 Rumraket will release a very special single by our friends amiina
from Iceland. It will be available on 12″vinyl (with a bonus track), CD and already now you can download it on iTunes.
This will be the first of quite a stack of Rumraket releases in 2007 – so watch out!

And not to forget one of this years biggest experiences for us; when Rune and his wife Helena gave birth to their first child son; Alfred. He is a true gentleman and the sweetest thing we have ever met!

All the best wishes for a bright new year and goodbye to the old one!


ps. A huge thanks, to all of you, who have been sending us kind emails and messages in 2006 – please keep on doing so, they make us very happy…

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