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Mirador video hits the 500.000 mark!

November 8, 2007 by Rasmus

Our Mirador video has now been watched more than half a million times on youtube. Thats more than we could have ever dreamed about!

A lot of people have let us know that they adore the video! Then a few people think the video is gay, some think we eat to many mushrooms and then some think the video is a copy of Yellow Submarine by The Beatles.

What can we say. All of us love gays and mushrooms (mostly the non-hallucinating kind) and all of us love The Beatles. Especially we love Nan Na from Hvass&Hannibal and Kasper from UFEX for making the great video! We think it is a work of art.

Have a look at the video right here:

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Den 11 Time part 2

November 7, 2007 by Rasmus

our appearance on the Danish television program Den 11 Time can be watched online following this link.

Click on “se tidligere programmer i TV” in the top right of the sidebar.

Tomorrow we start the Danish part of our tour! we are exited!

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Catch us live on the telly tonight

November 5, 2007 by Rasmus

We are playing 2 songs tonight on our favorite Danish television program Den 11. Time. It airs 23:30 Danish time on DR2. All of you non-danes can watch it online afterwards – Watch this space for links.

Also we managed to update our photoblog with pics from Spain and France. Pictures from Sweden and Norway are coming up!

AND! this week we start the Danish leg of our tour! 6 shows coming up over the next 2 weeks. Get the dates here.

live in Stockholm – nov 1st 2007

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Touring is fun!!

October 27, 2007 by Rasmus

So far we have played shows in France and Spain and next week we cross the bridge to play 4 shows in Sweden and 1 in Oslo, Norway. See all the dates and how to buy tickets here.

We have taken a lot of photos, but have not yet had the chance to organize and upload to flickr. Luckily Peter Broderick our violin player has updated his flickr site where the picture below is taken from. You can also see some pictures here from the show we played in Paris last week.

Hope to see you soon!
Efterklang at Guggenheim Bilbao
Efterklang at Guggenheim, Bilbao

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October 14, 2007 by Rasmus

YEP! Parades has been released in Denmark today. In a week it will be released all other places except for the US where you have to wait a few more weeks. Find buylinks here. It is available digitally worldwide already.

More exiting news!! Nan Na Hvass (Hvass&Hannibal) and Kasper Fjederholt (UFEX) has created a wonderful video based around the great artwork they have made for the Parades release.

Have a look at the video below or download is as a nice 18mb quicktime video.

MORE MORE exiting NEWS!! OUR TOUR STARTS IN le HAVRE TOMORROW!!! Find the dates here!

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Caravan video shooting and a 10/10 at Drowned in Sound

October 11, 2007 by Rasmus

Monday we went to a military base outside Copenhagen, together with 25 other fine people to record a music video for our song Caravan

The video is directed by Anders Morgenthaler and produced by CopenhagenBombay. In short, it features a spooky clown, 4 fantastic kids and 28 mega-explosions. More photos at our flickr site.

On a sidenote! Today our new album Parades got a 10/10 review at According to them Parades is a masterpiece! Nice!

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