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November 2, 2008 by Rasmus

Win tickets for the theater play Som Hos Dig Står with Efterklang music. The play is in Danish and is a production of Teater Grob.
The tickets are for the pre-premiere on November 12th at Plex in Copenhagen. To read more about the play go here: in Danish / in English.

We have 10×2 tickets and to win 2 of these tickets you have to send an email to with the right answer to this question:

Som Hos Dig Står is the second play this year with music from Efterklang.
What is the name of the other Teater Grob play with Efterklang music?

Send your answer to before Wednesday 5th Nov 18pm. We will draw lots between the right answers to find the winners who will be notified by email.

Som Hos Dig Står

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a belated thank you from the DJs!

October 29, 2008 by Rasmus

To everybody who suggested songs we should play we would like to say THANK YOU!! It helped a lot! People were dancing!

With help from you guys we realized that it is not that hard to get people to dance. On the other hand we learned that we should practice our transitions between songs. We started and killed the dance floor several times during our 2 hour set.

Next time we DJ is November 13 at ISOLA in Copenhagen. The host is Badmintonklubben. Hope to see you there!

Casper & Rasmus

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Efterklang DJ party!! we could use your help!

October 22, 2008 by Rasmus

This Saturday Casper and Rasmus will be DJ´ing at the Nordic Blizzard Festival at Tivoli in Utrecht in The Netherlands.

We have been named and programmed as The Efterklang DJ Party! This freaks us a little out. We like to DJ, but not so much when the purpose is to start a party for the masses!

If you have any suggestions to songs that we could play that you know will start a party then please fire away! The criteria are: no techno, no house & no euro-dance. Please leave your suggestions as a comment

And please come to Utrecht on Saturday!! our good friends in Slaraffenland are also playing! And so is Dúne, Men Among Animals and Orka.

Here is more info on the Nordic Blizzard Festival: Spot On Denmark & & Nordic Blizzard

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DAY 5 – Efterklang Gift Week – last and final day!!

October 17, 2008 by Rasmus

It is Friday today, the weekend has almost already started and we are at the last day of The Efterklang Gift Week. As this is the farewell to the Gift Week we have a lot of stuff for you today.

First we present to you a remix of First Floor Power´s God Damn Your Fingers. The remix is made by Casper Clausen from Efterklang and this might be his first official work ever in his own name!
Visit: First Floor Power – Listen to the original version
Download: God Damn Your Fingers – Casper Clausen remix Mp3

Then next we have two videos!
A new video for Doppelgänger from our album Tripper (2004) and a video for Mimeo from our album Parades (2007). The last one has been online for some time but we never presented it properly as it truly deserve. Please enjoy the videos we think they are brilliant both of them.

EFTERKLANG Doppelgänger by Matt Brown

EFTERKLANG Mimeo by Jerren Lauder and Andrew DeYoung



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DAY 4 – Efterklang Gift Week – Rumraket goodies!!!

October 16, 2008 by Rasmus

Hello again!
It is already day 4 and todays gifts will both be from Rumraket – the record label that we run.

DOWNLOAD: Im a Machine
First off is a free MP3 from the new Sunshine EP by Slaraffenland. These guys are currently touring Europe so go to their website and see if they are playing near you! If you would like to read more about the new and very limited and handmade Sunshine EP then go here:

Next gift today is a new video for Canon Blue´s Pilguin Pop which can be found on his debut album Colonies from last year. The video is directed and animated by Robjn from Cambridge UK. You can learn more about Robjn by visiting him here. Canon Blue aka Daniel James lives in Nashville, USA and you can visit him here:

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DAY 3 – Efterklang Gift Week – NEW VIDEO!!!

October 15, 2008 by Rasmus

Hello friend and a very happy Wednesday to you!
It is Day 3 of our Gift Week and today we have something very special for you! It is a new music video for our song Cutting Ice To Snow made by Jeremiah Zagar and Herzliya Films from New York.

Jeremiah is currently riding a wave of acclaim and success for his documentary film In a Dream. The film uses Efterklang music and that is how and why this video developed. The material used in the video is deleted scenes and extra material for the documentary. We really like this video! It is very uplifting and different at the same time. We hope you will like it too!

You can download it as a high quality quicktime here (44mb)
or you can watch it below:

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Day 2 – Efterklang Gift Week – a free cover version of Redrop!

October 14, 2008 by Rasmus

Redrop was released on our debut mini-album Springer in May 2003. This free MP3 is a cover version made by Josh Childs. We don´t know much about Josh. He emailed us this cover and we like it very very much! Thats basically all we know about Josh.

If Josh reads this then maybe he can comment with some info about himself and his music?

Redrop covered by Josh Childs

Download as MP3

If this made you curious you can listen to the orignal Redrop right here:

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Day 1 – Efterklang Gift Week! – world premiere of new video!

October 13, 2008 by Rasmus

Good Evening! A little late on this fine Monday we are now ready to kick off the Efterklang Gift Week!

This week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) we have presents for you every single day! It will be new videos, mp3s and other nice things like that.

First present will be a world premiere of a new Efterklang video directed by Rasmus Bro! The video is for Horseback Tenors and it features stop motion images shot in our hometown Copenhagen!

You can download a high resolution video using this link: Quicktime (46 mb)
And you can watch it as a youtube video below:

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new Slaraffenland tour and EP

October 10, 2008 by Rasmus

in relation to the post below we should tip you about the new Sunshine EP by Slaraffenland which was released last week on our label Rumraket. You can get it at iTunes & Klicktrack. Or you can write to Rumraket directly – for 15€ total transferred via Paypal you can have the limited CD version shipped to anywhere in the world – contact (at)

At Rumrakets website you can read more about the release and their European tour which goes through Germany, Poland, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands & Denmark. GO INVESTIGATE!!

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