Performing Parades is OUT TODAY!

October 19, 2009 by Rasmus

We are very happy that this beast is finally released! It was A LOT of hard work to get to here and we hope the results will be enjoyed and appreciated. It is available from today as CD+DVD and LP+DVD – enjoy!

We are also very happy to see it has received great reviews so far. If you are curious we recommend the BBC review (in English) and the Gaffa review (in Danish).

Listen toCutting Ice to Snow (live) (w. The Danish National Chamber Orchestra)
[audio: IceToSnow.mp3]

We would like to use this opportunity to thank The Danish National Chamber Orchestra & Karl Bjerre Skibsted, Benjamin Hesselholdt & and his film crew, Ralf Christensen and Anders B√łtter, Hvass&Hannibal & all their helpers, Jesper Andersen and not least Karsten Fundal for breathing new life into our songs. These people have worked tremendously hard and great on this project and we are very thankful to them and to the many others that have helped who we didn’t list here.

Performing Parades can be found on iTunes and on other digital outlets, but we recommend the physical version. This is the only way to get the DVD which includes the Performing Parades concert film and the Recreating Parades documentary film and also 7 music videos from the original Parades album.

You can buy Performing Parades on CD+DVD or LP+DVD via The Leaf Label’s shop or via Efterklang’s own webshop.

NOTE: The DVD is Region Free, and should be viewable worldwide!

We will be touring from October 28th to December 5th around Europe to support this release. ALL DATES CAN BE FOUND HERE

Caravan (live):

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