Canon Blue 'Rumspringa' released today!

August 29, 2011 by Rasmus

This record is very special to us.

Not only is Daniel James aka Canon Blue our dear friend, he also enlisted Mads and Casper to help him produce this new album and Thomas to play drums on a lot of tracks.

Our close friends in Slaraffenland also guest this album (Mike on bass, Niklas on trombone, Bjørn on drums) and so does amiina who has recorded all the amazing string parts. Peter Broderick guests one song and classical singer Katinka Fogh Vindelev who sings on our ‘Magic Chairs’ album is also featured on the album. It all sort of feel like one big happy family gathering!

If you have been following the announcements about this release you probably also know that, besides future Efterklang releases, this is the very last release we do on our label Rumraket. It really feels like the perfect record to end with. You can read a statement about the close of Rumraket here.

Well enough talk. Take a listen to two songs from the album below and if you are tempted you can buy the album on iTunes or on CD (designed by Hvass&Hannibal) via our Rumraket Shop.

Honeysuckle (Milwaukee) by Canon Blue

Indian Summer (Des Moines) by Canon Blue

Via the Rumraket page you can read a lot more about this release and enjoy a string of great video blips.

Canon Blue 'Rumspringa' artwork by Hvass&Hannibal

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