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Two Very Special Concerts Live on The Lake Radio This Week

November 3, 2014 by Rasmus

This week we are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of our debut album Tripper with the broadcast of two special concerts on The Lake. One of them closes a chapter with a big feast of music and the other points towards new adventures and beginnings.

THE LAST CONCERT – live at Alsion February 28th 2014
with Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester, Sønderjysk Pigekor, Hans Ek (conducting) and a string of special guests. The program and credits for the concert is available below.

Hear it in its entirety on
Monday Nov. 3rd 21:00 CET & Tuesday Nov. 4th 14:00 CET

TATU RÖNKKÖ + EFTERKLANG – live at Our Festival July 31st 2014

our debut performance with this new project. 

Listen to it on
Wednesday Nov. 5th 21:00 CET & Thursday Nov. 6th 14:00 CET

Read more info below about the two concerts.

The Last Concert – photo by Antje Taiga Jandrig

February 28th 2014 we performed a unique concert together with Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester (South Denmark Philharmonic), Sønderjysk Pigekor (South Denmark Girls Choir), Hans Ek (conductor) and a string of special guests.

The concert featured songs from our entire discography as well as unreleased and so far unknown Efterklang songs. The arrangements for the orchestra were made by Allan Gravgaard MadsenDaniel BjarnasonVan Dyke ParksKarsten FundalHans Ek and Missy Mazzoli.

We called it The Last Concert, but we are indeed still here.

Tatu Rönkkö + Efterklang is a new collaboration (soon to be given its own name) between the Finnish percussionist Tatu Rönkkö and the three of us. We played our very first concert at Our Festival in Finland on July 31st 2014.

Currently we are all gathered in our studio in Berlin, where we are writing new songs for upcoming concerts:

07.11 – ANKARA, TR – Nordik Müzik Festivali | Info & Tickets
08.11 – THE HAGUE, NL – Rewire Festival | Info & Tickets
14.11 – VILNIUS, LT – Insanitus | Info & Tickets

Tatu Rönkkö + Efterklang photo by Maarit Kytöharju / Our Festival

Here is the program for The Last Concert

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Tripper is now 10 Years Old

October 26, 2014 by Rasmus

Time flies! It is a cliche and it is the truth.

October 25th 2004 we released our debut album Tripper.
It came out on The Leaf Label, and it was our international debut.

We will mark the anniversary in the near future.

In the mean time you can enjoy this Efterklang documentary made in 2004 by MTV Nordic. Quite toe cringing for us to watch this today, but also very sweet and funny. We were so young and had never talked to a camera before.

Watch This is Our Music: EFTERKLANG (2004)

Here is another little gem from 2004.
The greenlandic choir MIK were among the many guest musicians on the Tripper album.
We recorded them singing this song, during the recordings for the album back in 2004.

Please get in touch if you know the title of this song?
and go pay MIK a visit here.

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Hail DR Underholdnings Orkestret – Thank you and Goodbye

September 8, 2014 by Rasmus

In 2008 we were invited by The Danish National Chamber Orchestra (DR UnderholdningsOrkestret) to perform our newly released album Parades in its entirety.

DR Underholdnings Orkestret took a big chance inviting us back then and we are forever grateful. Their trust have since led to a total of 30 collaborative concerts with 14 different orchestras around the world.

Today DR (Danish Radio) announced that the orchestra will be shut down by the end of the year.

This makes us very sad and disillusioned as well. In Denmark DR Underholdnings Orkestret has been going forward in trying to rethink and change the idea of what an orchestra is and what role it can play in our time.

Budget cuts are never easy and sacrifices have to be made. In a year where DR has burned millions and millions on a Eurovision TV show and for the 8th year in a row spends millions on producing the X-Factor TV show it is however hard to not get pissed off.

HAIL to the beautiful people in DR Underholdnings Orkestret. 
THANK you all!

Here is a document from that concert back in 2008. It holds a special place in our hearts.

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Love & Respect – The Last Concert

February 28, 2014 by Rasmus

We are still smiling and feeling from our concert two days ago in Alsion in Sønderborg. We spent the whole week, on our home island of Als, getting the concert together and it was intense and beautiful to see it evolve and happen.

There are some people we want to thank and we have posted some photos and the full program for the concert further below.

Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester for inviting us and for being one of the nicest orchestras we have ever worked with. Kultur i Syd and Alsion also deserves a big thanks for making this concert happen.

Sønderjysk Pigekor and Mette Rasmussen (their choir leader) for their harmonies and forever bright energy and eagerness to take part.

Karsten Fundal, Allan Gravgaard Madsen, Hans Ek, Van Dyke Parks, Daniel Bjarnason and Missy Mazzoli for their orchestral arrangements. We love all these composers dearly as artists and friends. We were also honoured to have Hans Ek conducting the orchestra on the night. He leads with patience and love.

Vincent Moon for his friendship and for dancing with his camera on stage. We can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

Daniel Givens for the drama of his words and voice. For his gentleness and his warm laughter that makes the cells in our bodies vibrate. For accepting the invitation to guest star the concert. It feels good to finally be in touch again, 10 years after our collaboration started.

Nils Carlsson, who played trombone in the orchestra and who 9 years ago was part of our live band and many early recordings incl. Tripper. Back then we nicknamed him Swinging Nils in the tour van. He still has it.

Hans Jørgen Clausen for his braveness and for enlightening us all with the sound and magic of the local dialect Alsisk.

Rune Mølgaard and Thomas Husmer for starting the band with us and for still being part of it. It felt right to be on stage together again.

Peter Broderick for reuniting with us and for gifting us with his musicality and friendship.

Tatu Rönkkö, Martyn Heyne and Katinka Fogh Vindelev for devoting so much time and love. The last year and half on the road with you have been an immense pleasure. Thank you.

Anders Boll for making hundreds and hundreds of our concerts sound good for years and for telling us to shut up and get on with it when needed.

Nico de Rooij and Stuart Bailes for their ever changing, impressive  and diligent efforts to light our world up.

Ron Peeters and Dirk Overeem for the monitor sound and for showing us how to make orchestras and bands sound and play well together.

To our friends and family for all the help and support and especially to our parents for joining us for the encore and for being.

Finally a warm thank you to all our collaborators and fans from around the world. So many of you travelled far to see the concert. It warmed our hearts.

Here is to the future!!

Casper, Mads & Rasmus

photos by Antje Taiga Jandrig

The program of the concert:

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The Last Concert – One Final Show to Celebrate Them All

January 14, 2014 by Rasmus

February 26th 2014 we will play one last concert in Sønderborg, Denmark, where we grew up.

It will be the last concert with Efterklang as you and we know it. We are not sure what happens after this concert. It is time to reflect and time to move forward. We want to fundamentally change what it means to be Efterklang and how we operate, create and perform.

So come say goodbye with us!
We are celebrating a decade of Efterklang releases and concerts and we are doing it in the most decadent way.

The local symphony Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester, conductor Hans Ek and the local girls choir will join us on stage and so will a long list of special guests including Thomas Husmer and Rune Mølgaard from the original 5 piece line-up of Efterklang.

The last concert will feature highlights from all our 4 albums as well as new songs, that in fact are almost 10 year old songs we’ve never released, but whom we care for very much. This will be the only chance to hear these songs live.

We are not taking this concert on tour and we plan on making this a very special night. An exploration, a rite of passage, a strange celebration. You are hereby invited.

For Tickets go here
For Info go here

update Jan 16th: Many people have misunderstood this announcement. We are not splitting up. This is not the end of Efterklang. It is the end of Efterklang as we know it.

Photo by Søren Solkær

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New Video For Monument – Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of Piramida and the Release of The Ghost of Piramida

September 25, 2013 by Rasmus

This new video for ‘Monument’ by Andreas Koefoed and Hvass&Hannibal marks the 1 year anniversary of the release of our 4th album ‘Piramida‘ of which ‘Monument’ is the closing song.

It also honours ‘The Piramida Concert‘, the live album we released June 10th 2013 together with the classical orchestra Copenhagen Phil.

And further it marks the digital release of Andreas Koefoed’s Efterklang documentary ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘. On Friday, September 27th, ‘The Ghost of Piramida‘ will be made available for online renting and download at Pre-order of the film is already available.

Thats a lot of celebration and referencing for just one video, but let us explain how it is all connected.

Both recordings of ‘Monument‘ are featured in this music video. First half of the uses the album version of the song and then follows the live version of ‘Monument’ from ‘The Piramida Concert’.

The 8mm footage used in the video is filmed by Alexander Ivanovic Naumkin, who lived in Piramida (Pyramiden) for many years and who plays a leading role in Andreas Koefoed’s film ‘The Ghost of Piramida’.

The music video features clips from ‘The Ghost of Piramida’ documentary and also artwork and animations by Hvass&Hannibal, who also did all the artwork for ‘Piramida’ and ‘The Piramida Concert’ releases.

(if you live in Germany, then watch the video at

No one, but Nan Na and Sofie (of Hvass&Hannibal) and Andreas could have made this video. They have been some of our closest and must trusted collaborators on this entire Piramida project. The others are Francesco Donadello and our live band: Martyn HeyneTatu RönkkëKatinka Fogh VindelevBudgie and Peter Broderick + crew: Anders BollStuart Bailes and Nico de Rooij.

Happy 1 year Anniversary!
Hope you enjoyed the video and please enjoy the film on Friday.

The Piramida tour is coming to an end, but we hope to see you at one of the last shows. In the near future we will visit Germany, UK, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Bucharest, Slovakia, Austria, Poland, Malaysia, Korea, ChinaHong Kong and Norway. And then it all ends with a very special concert together with Sønderjyllands Symfoniorkester February 26th 2014 on Als in Denmark where we grew up and where An Island was filmed. More info here.

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Tripper on Cassette for International Cassette Store Day

August 12, 2013 by Rasmus

September 7th is Cassette Store Day! and we are very happy to be part of it with a release of our debut Album TRIPPER on Cassette via Blood & Biscuits label.

There will only be a few hundred copies made – so move fast if you want one and remember to always support your independent record stores! Bring them flowers and cookies and put your money in their shops. They are wonderful people!

More info over here:

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Canon Blue 'Rumspringa' released today!

August 29, 2011 by Rasmus

This record is very special to us.

Not only is Daniel James aka Canon Blue our dear friend, he also enlisted Mads and Casper to help him produce this new album and Thomas to play drums on a lot of tracks.

Our close friends in Slaraffenland also guest this album (Mike on bass, Niklas on trombone, Bjørn on drums) and so does amiina who has recorded all the amazing string parts. Peter Broderick guests one song and classical singer Katinka Fogh Vindelev who sings on our ‘Magic Chairs’ album is also featured on the album. It all sort of feel like one big happy family gathering!

If you have been following the announcements about this release you probably also know that, besides future Efterklang releases, this is the very last release we do on our label Rumraket. It really feels like the perfect record to end with. You can read a statement about the close of Rumraket here.

Well enough talk. Take a listen to two songs from the album below and if you are tempted you can buy the album on iTunes or on CD (designed by Hvass&Hannibal) via our Rumraket Shop.

Honeysuckle (Milwaukee) by Canon Blue

Indian Summer (Des Moines) by Canon Blue

Via the Rumraket page you can read a lot more about this release and enjoy a string of great video blips.

Canon Blue 'Rumspringa' artwork by Hvass&Hannibal

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Three New Releases Today!

August 23, 2010 by Rasmus

This will be short post followed by a longer once we get back to Denmark. We are in Wales right now.

Today August 23rd we release our new single Raincoats from our Magic Chairs album. It is out digitally bundled with a sweet cover of Harmonics made by Peter Broderick and Nils Frahm. GET IT ON iTUNES

Today we also release new deluxe reissue versions of our albums Tripper and Parades including the EPs Springer and Under Giant Trees.

The new reissue versions comes as double CDs including a 16 page booklet and also two bonus tracks. You can read more about the releases via The Leaf Label. You can buy the reissues now using our webshop: or the Leaf Shop

More info coming soon – enjoy your Mondays!


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Happy New Year!!!

December 31, 2008 by Barnabas

Dear friends
Happy New year to all you and yours: We had the most amazing past year, with so many incredible experiences around the globe… Possibly the best in Efterklang history. Thanks a lot to all of the people making each concert special, and to all of you showing us love one way or another!

Hope 2009 will bring you all much luck

All of us

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