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Leaf 20 box set – Celebrating 20 years of The Leaf Label

November 17, 2015 by Rasmus

In recognition of 20 years loyal service to releasing beautiful noise, our former label the Leaf Label presents an extremely limited deluxe vinyl box set featuring ten landmark albums from across their back catalogue. Our album Parades from 2007 is one of the chosen albums that will be featured in this beautiful release alongside great albums by Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Caribou, Susuma Yokota and more.

The Leaf 20 box is comprised of fourteen pieces of pristine white vinyl in full artwork and wrapped in bespoke, hand-printed paper covers, accompanied by the ten albums on CD, plus a fold out catalogue artwork poster, a limited edition print, and liner notes by acclaimed writer and journalist Rob Young. All painstakingly curated and assembled by label founder Tony Morley in collaboration with Leeds design studio Split, this is the finest Leaf document money can buy. Limited to only 300 copies, The Leaf 20 box is available to pre-order now through Pledge Music.

The Leaf Label also recently reissued our debut album Tripper (2004) on vinyl. You can buy that one here.

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Tripper is now 10 Years Old

October 26, 2014 by Rasmus

Time flies! It is a cliche and it is the truth.

October 25th 2004 we released our debut album Tripper.
It came out on The Leaf Label, and it was our international debut.

We will mark the anniversary in the near future.

In the mean time you can enjoy this Efterklang documentary made in 2004 by MTV Nordic. Quite toe cringing for us to watch this today, but also very sweet and funny. We were so young and had never talked to a camera before.

Watch This is Our Music: EFTERKLANG (2004)

Here is another little gem from 2004.
The greenlandic choir MIK were among the many guest musicians on the Tripper album.
We recorded them singing this song, during the recordings for the album back in 2004.

Please get in touch if you know the title of this song?
and go pay MIK a visit here.

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The return of TRIPPER on VINYL! with free 7″ single”

March 30, 2010 by Rasmus

It’s been out of stock for years, but not anymore! The Leaf Label have made a new print! The 2nd print is totally identical to the original. No weird bonus tracks or new artwork. Just the album as it was made and meant to look and be.

You can buy it from The Leaf Label directly
Or from Efterklang directly via our Rumraket Shop.

All orders via will come with a free 7″ I Was Playing Drums Single! This one hasn’t even been released yet!! (more info on the new single here). The special offer ends Friday at Midnight!

PS. Efterklang will begin their European Tour on Monday in Oslo! Check it out!

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EFTERKLANG signs to 4AD – September news

September 2, 2009 by Rasmus

Efterklang newsletter 03/09/2009
We are very happy to let you know that we have signed a new record deal with 4AD – one of our absolute favourite labels in the world.

We will now be part of a roster that currently counts fine artists like The National, Deerhunter, TV on the Radio, M Ward, Scott Walker, St. Vincent and many more and we are of course full of anticipation about this new collaboration between 4AD and Efterklang. First project together will be our 3rd studio album, which will be released sometime in the first quarter of 2010. The playground for this new friendship is the world, but in Scandinavia we will release our future albums on our own Rumraket label.

This does not mean that we are cutting all ties to our current home, The Leaf Label. Not at all, actually. October 19th 2009 they will release Performing Parades by Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra on CD/DVD & LP/DVD.

We have been releasing our music on The Leaf Label since 2004 and it is the home of our Tripper and Parades albums as well as our mini-albums Springer and Under Giant Trees. It has been absolutely joyful for us and we are proud that we have contributed to their incredible discography. We are still waiting for them to release a record we don’t like, but we are beginning to think that it will never happen. We think they will be reading this and here is a huge and sincere THANK YOU for them.

We will be on tour this fall starting Friday!
We are touring most of the fall, because we like to tour and because we want to celebrate the Performing Parades release. The biggest show this fall will be October 28th at Barbican Hall in London where we will be playing a Performing Parades Concert with the classical orchestra Britten Sinfonia. Tickets are available here:

The rest of the shows we will play as a 7-piece and we promise to play new songs!
Here are the dates (more to be confirmed soon):
04.09 – Stradbally Hall, IE / Electric Picnic / tickets
06.09 – Vlieland, NL / Into the Great Wide Open Festival / tickets
11.09 – Isle of Wight, UK / Bestival / tickets
12.09 – Dorset, UK / End of the Road / sold-out
13.09 – Cardiff, UK / The Globe / w. Peter Broderick / tickets
14.09 – Coventry, UK / St Johns Church / tickets 1, tickets 2
17.09 – Gothenburg, SE / Parken / tickets
18.09 – Stockholm, SE / Hornstull Strand / tickets
19.09 – Malmö, SE / Babel / tickets
23.09 – Oslo, NO / Det Norske Studentersamfund, Storsalen / ticket
24.09 – Bergen, NO / Ekko Festival / tickets
25.09 – Stavanger, NO / TOU Scenen / tickets
26.09 – Kristiansand, NO / Kick
28.10 – London, UK / Barbican / Performing Parades w. Britten Sinfonia / tickets
29.10 – Birmingham, UK / The Asylum / w. Nancy Elisabeth / tickets
30.10 – Glasgow, UK / Oran Mor
31.10 – Manchester, UK / Deaf Institute / hosted by Hey Manchester!
01.11 – Leeds, UK / Brainwash Festival (at Leeds University)
02.11 – Reading, UK / Reading Concert Hall / tickets
03.11 – Paris, Fr / La Maroquinerie
04.11 – Utrecht, NL / Tivoli de Helling / tickets
05.11 – Amsterdam, NL / Paradiso / tickets
18.11 – Berlin, DE / Festsaal Kreuzberg / tickets
19.11 – Köln, DE / Kulturbunker Mülheim
20.11 – Bochum, DE / Bahnhoof Langendreer
21.11 – Hannover, DE / Junges Schauspiel
24.11 – Hamburg, DE / Knust / tickets
25.11 – Leipzig, DE / UT Connewitz / w. Jersey / tickets
03.12 – Basel, CH / 1. Stock / tickets
04.12 – Aarau, CH / Flösserplatz / tickets
05.12 – Luzern, CH / Treibhaus / tickets

Other stuff:
if you are on Twitter then you should know that so are we!
if you would like to stay updated on our recordings and whereabouts then this is a good place! Efterklang on Flickr

Rumraket Update!
Monday the 7th of September Slaraffenland will release We’re on Your Side. This is their 3rd album and it is without doubt their best yet! You can read more and download two free MP3s at

Monday the 21st of September Taxi Taxi! will release their long awaited debut album. It is called Still Standing at Your Back Door and it is a marvellous album – Johanna and Miriam are back! Pre-order and get a free MP3 at

We should also tell you that we have reissued the debut album by our good friends Grizzly Bear. Horn of Plenty is out now again and can be ordered here:

Best wishes from Copenhagen!

Casper, Mads, Thomas & Rasmus – Efterklang

PS. you rock our world

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Free Leaf sampler available! Including new recording by Efterklang!

July 24, 2009 by Rasmus

Would you like to listen to Frida Found a Friend from the upcoming Performing Parades release by Efterklang & The Danish National Chamber Orchestra?

If the answer is yes then head over to The Leaf Labels website and read more about how to get this song together with a lot of other nice songs from their catalog. A lot of the songs offered are from yet unreleased albums!

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Copenhagen concert recommendations

May 21, 2009 by Rasmus

Our label mates (Leaf) A Hawk And a Hacksaw will be playing live in Copenhagen on Tuesday (May 26th) at Lille VEGA.
If you have the chance to go see them you should definitely go. They are always an incredible experience.

Our other label mates (Rumraket) Taxi Taxi! are playing tonight in Copenhagen at Loppen together with Skammens Vogn. Both bands comes highly recommended and all of us will definitely be there.

Taxi Taxi! also has a new EP out – Step Out Into The Light EP – you can get it at

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July 30, 2008 by Rasmus has been the place to get Efterklang & Rumraket releases and merchandise since we signed to The Leaf Label in 2004. Just last week closed down after many years of fine service. We will miss them!

There is a bunch of buylinks on our pages that directs you to We haven´t had time yet to change them but we will fix it soon.

In the meantime we can tell you about The Leaf Labels new mailorder shop which can be found here: Leaf at Greedbag. They have all the Efterklang stuff or will soon anyway.

We can also remind you about Rumrakets MP3 store at There you can download all the Rumraket releases in high quality and DRM free MP3s. The Efterklang releases are also available there but can only be purchased if you have a Danish address. The others are universal.

Recently we just added Halcyon EP by Canon Blue and Parades by Efterklang to the Klicktrack store.

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October 14, 2007 by Rasmus

YEP! Parades has been released in Denmark today. In a week it will be released all other places except for the US where you have to wait a few more weeks. Find buylinks here. It is available digitally worldwide already.

More exiting news!! Nan Na Hvass (Hvass&Hannibal) and Kasper Fjederholt (UFEX) has created a wonderful video based around the great artwork they have made for the Parades release.

Have a look at the video below or download is as a nice 18mb quicktime video.

MORE MORE exiting NEWS!! OUR TOUR STARTS IN le HAVRE TOMORROW!!! Find the dates here!

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vinyls 1-20 have been stolen! We strike back with the alphabet and support for the dying rainforest!

April 26, 2007 by Rasmus

As you may have heard and read many times by now our new release Under Giant Trees is numbered and limited to 4500 cds and 1200 vinyls in total. Tony from The Leaf Label had requested from the vinyl factory that the ones numbered 1-20 where to be put in a marked box – in retrospect this proved to be a bad idea. Apparently somewhere between the factory and Leaf’s UK distributor this box has been nicked by some fast running hooligans! So if you ever see these vinyls somewhere do let us know!

So right now, lurking somewhere, someone thinks they have the 20 most exclusive Efterklang records in their possesion. But they can think again! Luckily for us there has been printed too many sleeves for the vinyl. So now we have made a handlettered edition. We have taken 29 vinyls from the high numbered sleeves and given them a new home in a lettered sleeve. The whole alphabet is there inclusive the three Danish extras æøå.

We and Leaf have kept some of these for our personal collections and family, but via The Leaf Labels ebay page we are going to auction 10 of them! They’re going to be listed on eBay, one per day for 10 days, from today (April 26). As a special bonus, each of these 10 copies will include a card signed by each of us (if anyone can be bothered). The 10 letters will be d, i, j, q, u, w, x, z, ø and å

In a karma balancing exercise to make good on behalf of the thief of the first 20, we’ve decided to give all the proceeds from these auctions to charity, and what could be more appropriate for Under Giant Trees than supporting the dying rainforest? The money will be used to buy a piece of untouched rainforest to secure its preservation. The purchase will be made through Nepenthes – a trustworthy Danish organisation that has raised money to buy and preserve areas of the rainforest since 1989.

The starting price is 7 GBP with no reserve, and they’ll be up for 10 days.
You can find the listings here:

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Any Web Designers?

February 16, 2007 by Barnabas

Here’s a call out from the sweeet folks at The Leaf Label (the label we’re signed to):

“The Leaf Label’s website is getting a little long in the tooth, and it’s time for a major overhaul. We are looking for talented, creative web designers who are up for a challenge. The new website will be simpler and more manageable than the current one, but should retain the flair and originality that makes the label what it is. If you’re interested in either the visual design of the site, and/or the technical aspests of building it, please get in touch. We want to hear from you.”

You can get in touch on their website:

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